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Renowned Cartoonist, Caricaturist, Poet and Author - S.Jithesh is the chief pioneer of the literary genre, 'Cartoon Criticism' in Malayalam. He is the Editor - in - Chief of Chiricheppu Cartoon monthly. The hallmark of Jithesh's cartoon is their merciless attack upon the corruptions and other social evils prevailing in the society. His cartoons are an assortment of simple lines that stood out for their directness of expression arguemented by arresting punch lines never missed the mark.

His caricatures are widely acclaimed for its simplicity, likeness, originality, editorial effectiveness, quality of drawing and pictorial effect. In his inimitable style, Jithesh has been living slammings to the pretentions of politicians, exploitations of human-gods and the communalist brigades.

He has conducted many 'ON THE SPOT CARICATURE SHOWS' in and outside the state. His cartoons are the nutshells of laughter. The ideas embodied in some of them are sublime and poetically magnificent in their intensity of meaning.

S. Jithesh is popular as a poet too. His poems were published in almost all leading periodicals in Malayalam. He used to anchor programmes for malayalam television channels. His published books are :

'Nakshathrangale Pranayicha Oraal'(Collection of poems),

'Kuttikkavithakalum Cartoon Padanavum'(Children's literature),

'Cartoon-caricature varakkaan padikkaan'(Children's literature).


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